Understanding Cosmetic Product Development Process: From Concept to Final Product

Cosmetic Product Development

If you want to develop a beauty brand, it is crucial to understand the cosmetic product development process. This process spans from coming up with a concept to deciding on a budget, then creating a formula and designing the packaging, and finally, the production of samples and the final product. The beauty market is competitive, but there is also ample … Read More

3 Tips for Entering the Skincare Market in 2019

skincare market

The skincare market is competitive by nature, and there is an increasingly wide range of products targeting different sectors and use cases, so finding your edge and taking it step by step is super important. While it might not be easy to get a foothold in the skincare market, there is still a major opportunity. By offering the right products incorporating … Read More

4 Trending Beauty Products to Inspire your Business

Trending Beauty Products

From the use of technology, to new production and packaging processes, to the inclusion of exotic ingredients, it can be hard to keep up with the speed of change in trending beauty products. Consumers are also more savvy and demanding, which makes keeping up with these trends a necessity when it comes to meeting demands and securing success in the cosmetics … Read More

How to Start a Skincare Line: A Step by Step Guide

How to start a skincare line

Whether you have product experience already, or you are taking the first steps to succeed in this ever-growing industry, it’s important to know where to begin and what to expect. We’ve narrowed it down to this list of steps that you may want to consider and follow when thinking about how to start a skincare line. Demand for skincare products … Read More

The Benefits of Outsourcing to a Cosmetic Contract Manufacturer

Cosmetic Contract Manufacturers

Creating a private label hair or skin care line can be expensive and difficult – especially when looking to keep up with today’s trends toward sustainability, quality, and value-based products. Without compromising on these key elements, you can reap the benefits of outsourcing to a cosmetic contract manufacturer. Today’s consumers are not interested in buying mass-produced skin care and hair … Read More

3 Creative Ideas for Private Label Hair Products

Private Label Hair Products

If you’re ready to make your mark with your own private label hair products, we’ve come up with 3 creative directions for your next big idea. The hair care market represents a massive opportunity right now, with a 30% market share in the natural and organic personal care market. Not only that, the market is fragmented – especially on a … Read More

Beauty Industry Statistics and What They Mean for Your Business

Beauty Industry Statistics

Analyzing and understanding current beauty industry statistics is key for growing your business. You need to be able to differentiate between the trends that are important for your business and can drive growth, and those that are fleeting. Statistics can help you do just that. When it comes to the beauty industry, adapting to the current landscape is critical. If … Read More

Learn About These Growing Trends in the Personal Care Industry

personal care industry

The dynamic nature of the Personal Care Industry means that consumer expectations are constantly evolving. Staying in line with these ever-changing expectations for product development is key for success. Women have long been the primary target for manufacturers and retailers in the industry. However, in the increasingly competitive market, men’s grooming products are also starting to gain a foothold. This … Read More

Ten Surprising Statistics You Didn’t Know About the Hair Industry

Haircare industry statistics

Did you know that the global haircare market is set to grow from $69 billion USD in 2016 to $87 billion USD in 2023? The global haircare market is comprised of a wealth of haircare products ranging from shampoos, conditioners, hair dyes, sprays, serums, oils, and newer products coming to market daily. According to Statista.com, the landscape of hair industry … Read More