3 Creative Ideas for Private Label Hair Products

Apr 17, 2019
Private Label Hair Products

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If you’re ready to make your mark with your own private label hair products, we’ve come up with 3 creative directions for your next big idea.

The hair care market represents a massive opportunity right now, with a 30% market share in the natural and organic personal care market. Not only that, the market is fragmented – especially on a global level – and dominated by only a few, key market players.

For new entrants, this is an ideal time to introduce your private label hair products to the market.

Scalp exfoliation

A new trend in hair care products is what is called the “skinification” of hair care, which means taking skin care innovations and techniques and using them to create hair care solutions. This has led to a focus on products that help nourish and care for the scalp, including exfoliating the skin on your head. Scalp serum is another product inspired by the skin care market that aims to improve the health of the scalp.

Essential oil-based cleansers

There is a movement towards ditching the traditional way of washing hair with shampoo and conditioner and instead using essential-oil based cleansers. These cleansers are free from the detergents present in many shampoos, which can also often be found in products that you use to wash your clothes. This ties in with the co-wash trend that advocates that people with curly or very dry hair can benefit from only washing their hair with conditioner.

Micellar shampoos

Another product to take inspiration from skin care, as well as the idea that traditional shampoos can be damaging and drying to hair, is micellar shampoo. These shampoos are used to remove the oils and dirt that build up on the surface of the hair and scalp. They are generally less drying and milder than normal shampoos and so can be used more often.

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