Schwartz Natural Cosmetics is your expert for private label and contract manufacturing, and your partner for branded distribution. From in-house formulation, to blending, manufacturing, bottling and label design, Schwartz creates high quality, unique skin care, hair care and beauty products. Schwartz is GMP and ISO 9001 certified for both branded production and contract/private label manufacturing.

Schwartz Natural Cosmetics specializes in natural formulations and industry-standard manufacturing processes to make a variety of high-quality cosmetic products for our customers. Our private label services include specialized formulation, manufacturing, graphic design, printing, packaging, and distribution for customers looking to create unique and quality cosmetic products. From shampoos customized for your hotel to full custom-branded skin and hair care lines, our team is ready to help you every step of the way. We even help you submit your product to the Ministry of Health or similar authority for approval.

Our customers include Shufersal, Super-Pharm, Snow, and many others. Our manufacturing plants are certified to international standards and our team is skilled in working to meet the needs of customers, export/import requirements, and the demands of governments around the world. Our private label products are distributed in Israel and overseas in England, the EU, and the United States.


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