The Market for Vegan Cosmetics in 2019

market for vegan cosmetics

While there’s always been a section of the population that identified as vegan and tried to eat and live accordingly, the market for a wider variety of vegan products has grown remarkably recently thanks to millennials. In particular, vegan cosmetics with their healthy ingredients and cruelty-free practices are attracting attention even outside of the market of those who eat vegan. … Read More

Why Would a 50 Year Old, Family-Run Company Launch a Vegan Line?

Even a company that’s been in business for 50 years can innovate. If these improvements mean tapping into a market that takes advantage of our existing capabilities and philosophy, it’s even better. I’m talking about the changes we’re making at my company, Schwartz Natural Cosmetics. We are a family-run Israeli company focused on bringing ancient mediterranean ingredients to modern hair, … Read More