Why Would a 50 Year Old, Family-Run Company Launch a Vegan Line?

Jul 7, 2018

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Even a company that’s been in business for 50 years can innovate. If these improvements mean tapping into a market that takes advantage of our existing capabilities and philosophy, it’s even better. I’m talking about the changes we’re making at my company, Schwartz Natural Cosmetics. We are a family-run Israeli company focused on bringing ancient mediterranean ingredients to modern hair, skin, and body care products.

Our new line is 100% vegan, featuring natural ingredients from almonds to pomegranates, but no animal byproducts. Vegans tend to choose their diet not only for health reasons, but due to a deep-seated desire not to hurt animals in any way. Therefore, they not only want to limit their consumption of animal products, but tend to purchase vegan clothes, household goods, and of course, cosmetics.

In the U.S., a recent report showed that 6% of consumers now identify as vegan, up from 1% just a year before. This is a trend that’s rapidly becoming mainstream and increased attention is paid even by non-vegan consumers to the contents of their cosmetics. Launching a vegan line simply made sense. The needs of vegan customers are in line with our existing philosophy of using only the best natural ingredients. This branded line is also a great way to highlight for our customers, many of whom are interested in capturing the vegan market, the possibilities that exist in formulating skin care products.

We’re also opening new possibilities in private label and contract manufacturing with our new vegan manufacturing capacity. As a leader in private label for natural skin, hair and body care, we’re happy to be able to offer new product formulation capabilities for companies interested in creating vegan friendly products.

Our team will be attending Cosmoprof North America 2018 at the end of the month where our clients will have a chance to test many different products, including the new 100% vegan line. You’ll get a feel for the different types of products we can produce, our in-house formulations and custom options, and the advantages of working with a company that can combine 50 years of experience with an ability to adapt to the market. Reach out and set up a time to meet with us during Cosmoprof North America. Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas - we’ll see you at Booth #42219!

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  1. I would like to buy pomegranate extract body lotion. Do you still sell this? If so where can I purchase some? It is a wonderful product.

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