4 Trending Beauty Products to Inspire your Business

May 22, 2019
Trending Beauty Products

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From the use of technology, to new production and packaging processes, to the inclusion of exotic ingredients, it can be hard to keep up with the speed of change in trending beauty products. Consumers are also more savvy and demanding, which makes keeping up with these trends a necessity when it comes to meeting demands and securing success in the cosmetics industry.

To help you secure brand loyalty, keep your customers happy, and stay ahead of the curve, we’ve put together a list of trending beauty products to inspire your business to succeed.

Natural and vegan ingredients

One of the major trending beauty products today comes from cosmetics that use natural and vegan ingredients. Growing consumer demand for natural, herbal, and vegan products that have no adverse effects is expected to drive the 4.4% CAGR in the skincare market by 2025.

Concerns over skin problems, increasing awareness about products that provide protection from harmful chemicals and are not tested on animals - as well as a rising geriatric population seeking cosmetics with anti-aging properties - are all also contributing to this trend.

Multifunctional skincare cosmetics

There is a growing demand for multifunctional products - both in terms of ingredients, but also functionalities. Driven by the desire for convenience and simplicity in skin care regimens, there is an increase in demand for products that serve multiple purposes. For example, facial products that can be used as a cleanser, a mask, and a scrub. These products have greater potential for marketing, and also make the consumer feel like they are getting more bang for their buck. 

Men’s skincare lines

The trends in women’s cosmetics are widely being replicated in trending beauty products for men. Multifunctional products and natural skincare, as well as concerns over pigmentation, acne, and aging are driving the men’s skincare market, which is forecast to grow by $1.22 billion during the period of 2019-2023.

Growing levels of air pollution are increasing demand for products that can counter these effects, and prevent pollutants from harming skin's health, as well as help reduce wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines. Men are also seeking out premium products as they place a greater emphasis on taking care of their skin.


Fragrances are another important example of trending beauty products, with the perfume market expected to reach US$ 48.0 Billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 3.6%. This trend is gaining traction because of factors including product diversification, which is attracting a wider variety of consumers. Increased consumer purchasing power and higher standards of living across many areas of the globe – especially among middle-class income groups of developing countries – have also led to more spending on luxury perfumes. With a growing focus on wellness and the importance of exercise, the market will also see a rise in the use of body odor controller products, such as deodorants.

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