Learn About These Growing Trends in the Personal Care Industry

Mar 26, 2019
personal care industry

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The dynamic nature of the Personal Care Industry means that consumer expectations are constantly evolving. Staying in line with these ever-changing expectations for product development is key for success.

Women have long been the primary target for manufacturers and retailers in the industry. However, in the increasingly competitive market, men’s grooming products are also starting to gain a foothold. This new interest is projected to drive industry success even more.

Overall, the personal care industry will continue to grow due to the increase of disposable incomes of consumers in more developed markets and in emerging economies. To help you stay up-to-date, we’ve put together a list of several trends that we see are taking hold in the personal care industry today.

Essential and pure oils in body wash products

Consumers who want to avoid the potential irritants of harsh chemicals, but still want lively fragrance in their body wash, are increasingly turning to products with essential oils. These products maintain a lush fragrance, but without the harshness of synthetic chemicals. The personal care industry has seen an increase in demand to incorporate essential oils like lavender, lemongrass, eucalyptus, pergamon, rosemary, citrus, and mint.

According to one skin care expert, body washes that contain natural oils such as jojoba, olive, argon, and almond, protect the skin’s moisture barrier and don’t strip it of its natural oils. Incorporating them into body wash can also mean that you don’t need to moisturize after showering.

Increased regulations are also driving demand for essential and natural oils in body washes. In 2017, the Food and Drug Administration banned triclosan and 23 other antibacterial ingredients from hand and body wash products in the US. Consumer awareness of using synthetic chemicals in their personal care and body wash products is increasing. This awareness is also driving the boost in demand for essential oils.

Hemp oil usage

Derived from the small seeds of the cannabis sativa plant, hemp oil is becoming a popular ingredient found in products throughout the personal care industry.

Hemp oil contains omega-6 fatty acids, such as gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which has anti-inflammatory properties and encourages skin growth and the production of new skin cells. It can also help with the treatment of acne while nourishing and moisturizing the skin.

A lot of research has already been carried out on the effects of hemp oil on the skin. One recent study points to hemp seed’s anti-inflammatory properties, suggesting that applying the oil can help it resist infection.

Hemp seeds have also been found to treat skin conditions such as dermatitis, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. Another study found that hemp oil reduced the symptoms and appearance of clinical atopic dermatitis after 20 weeks.

The personal care industry is embracing this trend and incorporating it into many different products.

Foot care

The foot care market is continuing to expand steadily and is expected to exceed more than US$ 3.50 Billion by 2024, which is a CAGR of 8.7%. The rise in this market is not only being driven by fashion trends and the desire to look after our feet better, but is also caused by the need to relieve fatigue, the growing number of diabetic patients, and infections due to bacteria.

Some foot care products that are seeing an increase throughout the personal care industry:

  • Foot repair ointments
  • Cleansing lotions
  • Foot creams
  • Slough scrub products
  • Foot mousses
  • Cracked heal balm
  • Foot exfoliators

While women still represent the biggest market share for foot care products, there is a growing demand for male foot care solutions due to the rise of the metropolitan male.

In conjunction with the overall market trends, a growing number of foot care products are incorporating natural and organic ingredients - geared toward both men and women. These ingredients include aloe vera, papaya, coconut oil, shea butter, and sea salts.

What's Next?

Interested in incorporating these trends into your own personal care product manufacturing? Want to expand your line of existing products using the most desired ingredients on the market? Schedule a consultation with S-Schwartz Cosmetics’ experts to learn how you can build your own customized product and learn from over 50 years of experience.

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