2019’s Hottest Beauty Industry Trends & How to Incorporate Them in Your Hair and Skin Care Lines

Mar 5, 2019
beauty industry trends

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Want the inside scoop on the beauty industry's trends for 2019 and know what hair and skin care lines to invest in and develop this year? Based on our decades-long experience and observation of the market, here are some of the beauty industry trends that we expect to peak in 2019.

Beauty Industry Trends 2019: Skincare 

Without a doubt, skincare as a whole experienced a big moment in 2018. As more and more women took a “less is more” approach to their makeup routines, skincare took the steering wheel as women decided to flaunt their natural complexions. The desire for glowing, dewy, and even skin was at the forefront of the skincare industry in 2018, and things are headed in a similar direction in 2019.

Natural and “clean” products will continue to lead in the beauty industry marketplace, and one category that is expected to see increased sales is bio-retinoids. Bakuchiol, which is described as a gentler alternative to retinol, is extracted from the seeds and leaves of the Babchi plant, has proven anti-aging benefits, and is also known to fight acne and boost collagen. The product saw a surge in sales in 2018 and is expected to pop up in even more products in 2019.

More and more products containing vitamin C are also expected to hit the shelves, as the miracle ingredient saw a lot plenty of success being touted by beauty bloggers and skincare experts alike.

Kiwi extracts and its by-products are reportedly next in line to be included in skincare formulations as it carries high levels of the Vitamin C, helps even complexion, and has plenty of antioxidants.

Beauty Industry Trends 2019: Haircare 

One major trend in haircare for 2019 is the “niching down” of products to cater to customers’ age, ethnicity, and lifestyle, among other factors, according to Pretty Analytics. That means that more and more women are looking for products that are designed specifically for their needs. This can yield to a large and variant product lines that customers feel are tailored with their individuality in mind.

Scalp health is also a major trend this year, and products like pre-shampoo masks, that massage the scalp, serums, and mists are among the list of items that we’ll be seeing more of in 2019.

The swap to sulfate-free shampoos will also continue on into 2019. As consumers were made aware of the adverse side-effects of sulfates – namely stripping the hair of moisture and nutrients – the switch to sulfate-free shampoos and other haircare products that took root in years past, and this sulfate-free conscious trend is expected to continue this year.

Instead of sulfate, customers are seeking shampoos that are infused or made with nutrient-rich oils such as jojoba, Moroccan, and Argan oils will be hitting the shelves in an effort to reduce frizz and increase elasticity no matter the hair type.

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