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Three Trends to Watch at Cosmoprof Hong Kong

Cosmoprof Asia will take place from 14th to 16th November at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), and will feature finished products exhibitors from industries such as cosmetics and toiletries, natural and organic, beauty salon, hair salon, and nail and accessories.

This year there will be a specific focus on natural and organic cosmetics, with the expo having picked up on the increasing consumer desire to use products that are kinder not just to their skin, but also the environment.

It’ll be a jam-packed show, full of exciting new products and innovations, so there will be a lot to take on over the course of the week! Here we pick out the top three trends that we expect to feature highly at Cosmoprof 2018.

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Vegan cosmetics

According to Grand View Research, the global market for natural, vegan products is growing at an annual rate of 6.8 percent. Savvy consumers are more conscious than ever before of where their beauty products come from, the processes used to make them, and their impact on both the lives of animals and the environment.

Global legislation is also playing a part in the rise of vegan cosmetics. The UK banned animal tested cosmetics in 1998, while a full EU ban came into effect in 2013, although legislation in various forms had been passed much earlier. California also recently became the first US state to put in place a ban on the sale of animal tested cosmetics.

These dual factors are causing more companies to start using natural ingredients and processes with no animal byproducts or additives to manufacture their cosmetics.

At Schwartz Natural Cosmetics, we recently launched a cosmetic line that is 100% vegan. This new line features natural ingredients such as almonds and pomegranates, and has no animal byproducts.

Jojoba oil (gel texture)

Related to consumers’ appetite for using natural products, jojoba oil has been gaining in popularity as a natural replacement for whale oil and its derivatives, such as cetyl alcohol for many years, specifically in the cosmetics industry. Jojoba oil is an unique cold pressed oil  produced from the seed of the jojoba plant.

Through a natural manufacturing process –– and without the use of any additives –– Schwartz Natural Cosmetics has transformed jojoba oil into an unique product with a gel-like texture, which is much easier for the skin to absorb.

It’s suitable for any skin types, for use on the body and hair, and is gentle enough to use on babies. You can also turn it into a shower gel by adding a drop of water and then massaging it over your body.

Private label manufacturing

With the rise in demand for vegan products made with natural ingredients –– and with the innovation that private label companies such as Schwartz Natural Cosmetics offer –– we predict that we’ll see more and more businesses (both startups and enterprises) turn to private label companies.

Private label companies can help with processes such as specialized formulation, manufacturing, graphic design, printing, packaging, distribution, and approval from the relevant authorities, such as the Ministry of Health.  

The advantage of private label is that companies like Schwartz Natural Cosmetics can create complete turnkey products that take advantage of the latest innovations (such as jojoba oil in a gel-like texture), as well as providing customized service and product development.

What trends do you think will feature at Cosmoprof Hong Kong? Let us know in the comments below, or by connecting with us on social media. If you’ll be at the show, reach out and schedule a demonstration and consultation, or drop by Stand 1E-L4E to learn about our newest in-house trends and innovations.

Join Us at Cosmoprof Hong Kong - Schedule Your Meeting Now >>

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