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Three Advantages of Israeli Skin Care and Hair Care for Your Cosmetics Business

Living in Israel –– a country where the sun shines brightly for most of the year –– can have a negative impact on your skin and hair if you don’t look after it.

For this reason, Israeli skin care and hair care businesses have worked to develop techniques, manufacturing processes, and standards for innovative cosmetic products. That’s why Israeli skin and hair care products can be found on the shelves in pharmacies across the globe.

But just why have Israeli skin and hair care products seen such a global uptake, and what advantages are there for your business in leveraging resources, techniques, and manufacturing companies from this country? We’ll look at these points in more detail below.

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Israel has become a hub for innovation. To date, more than 300 multinationals including Google. Facebook, Microsoft, Intel and Amazon have set up R&D labs in Israel, while many have started open innovation projects. Tel Aviv also has the highest number of startups per capita in the world, making the city a hotbed of innovation. Then there is the Israel Innovation Authority, which is a central government agency dedicated to helping companies in various industries innovate, along with a government-created high-tech incubators programme.

This booming industry has helped Israel become a leading source for innovation, with the cosmetics industry being no exception. Take the Israeli company that produced an injection-free anti aging cream, or Leorex Cosmetics, which uses nanotechnology in the production of its dermo-cosmetic products with anti-aging and aesthetic applications.

At Schwartz Natural Cosmetics, for example, we use innovative processes to develop hair and skin care products that feature natural ingredients, and are distributed not just in Israel, but also in the UK, the EU, and the US. We also recently launched a 100% vegan product line, and a new vegan manufacturing capacity.


Ancient Natural Resources

Israel is home to more cosmetic assets than just Dead Sea mud. Natural plant and fruit extracts that enrich cosmetics and add essential vitamins and minerals to skin- and hair-preserving formulas are often derived from trees and plants that are native to Israel and the Middle East. Olive oil, date and pomegranate extracts, are all native to Israel. Jojoba oil is now produced in higher quantities in Israel than any other country in the world.

Schwartz Natural Cosmetics focuses on using the natural wealth and wisdom of the Israeli landscape to enrich skin and hair care products. Through a combination of ancient natural resources and modern innovation, Schwartz manufactures cosmetics that deliver results without harmful chemicals.


An emphasis on high quality without exception

Another area which makes Israel a leader in the cosmetics industry is its uncompromising attitude to standards and quality control. Due to advanced production methods and technology,  along with modern laboratories, Israeli cosmetic companies are able to produce innovative cosmetics and beauty products in line with the industry’s strict quality standards.

Schwartz, for example, uses industry-standard manufacturing processes to create high-quality products. Our manufacturing plants are certified to international standards, and we are GMP and ISO 9001 certified for both branded production and contract/private label manufacturing.

Israel is also working on align its cosmetics regulations with EU legislation.

If you’d like to hear more about how Schwartz and our private label innovations based in Israel can help your business produce high-quality cosmetic products, visit us at Cosmoprof Asia next week to schedule a demonstration or consultation!

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